The Balloon Fest is Here

Take a look at the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest Brochure and see what is happening. All EVENTS ARE ON SCHEDULE for the 2015 COMBF.  CLICK ON THE COMBF 2015 BROCHURE AND READ ABOUT THE COMBF’S ACTIVITIES AND ENTERTANMENT.

COMBF 2015 Brochure

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Field Safety Training was Held Last Night

Pilots and the COMBF volunteers make the balloons fly.  Together they are key components of the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest.  Their number concern is a safe flight.  Last night pilots and volunteer crew members came together for field safety training led by Floyd Rockholt, COMBF Chair and Megan Stanley, Pilot and Crew Coordinator.  Here are a few scenes from the evening.

Training Pano a a-9609

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Want to experience the joy of flying in a hot air balloon?

Flights are available for a fee charged by the balloon owner/pilot.  To schedule a balloon flight, please follow the instructions on the “Passenger Flights” page.  Click the button below.

 Passenger Flights

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Antique Tractor Pulls

The Northern Maine Antique Tractor Club is joining this year’s Crown of Maine Balloon Festival, offering some great additions to events at the Northern Maine Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 29. “We wanted to be a part of the festival both because it’s a great way to promote the agricultural heritage of the area, which is very important to us, and we wanted to help the festival grow,” said Cheryl Boulier. Thanks to that commitment, as well as the sponsorship of R.H. Foster Energy, there will be a busy afternoon of fun for the entire family that day. Come join in for this free, fun-filled afternoon for the whole family!

For more details, check out the Special Events Page

Special Events Page

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