COMBF Organization


The Crown of Maine Balloon Fest managed by an executive steering committee and a planning committee.  The steering committee is composed of representatives from the Mapleton Lions Club, the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce and third mutually agreed upon member.  The steering committee is the final authority for operational policies and procedures for the festival.

The planning committee is composed of volunteers who are responsible for planning, arranging and managing the festival.  The planning committee meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at the Central Aroostook Chamber conference room.  The meeting time is 5:30 pm.

2017-2018 Members of the Planning Committee

Floyd Rockholt – COMBF Steering and Planning Chair

Prudence Dobson – Committee Member

Steve Dobson – Committee Member

Karen Gonya – COMBF Public Relations

Terry Sandusky – Mapleton Lions Representative


The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce performs the administrative duties of the festival.  All COMBF communications – mail, email and telephone – are handled through the Chamber.  The Chamber manages all funds of the festival including the receipt of funds, such as sponsor donations, and the payment of festival expenses


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