Balloon Photography



With all the great sights during the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest, many spectators can be found snapping photos to capture the beauty of the balloons flying through the sky, the excitement on the ground as balloons are inflated, or the incredible spectacle of the Balloon Grow.

The Crown of Maine Balloon Fest steering committee welcomes the photographic participation by spectators, volunteers and area photographers in the COMBF.  An amateur photography contest is sponsored by the COMF for spectators and volunteers who are under or over the age 18.  Contest rules and applications are on the Photography Contest Page where last year’s winners’ photos located.

Amateur and professional photographers may be granted access to the launch field.  Calls must be placed to  the Central Aroostook Chamber (207-764-6561) to receive permission to photograph from the field.  Additional attendance of the annual safety training session is also required.


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