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At the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest, there are no “back stage passes”.  As the balloons leave the launch field – everyone has the same vantage point.  And there are great images to be had.  But – shooting a launch is work.  It’s busy – it’s furious – and the whole gig can be done in two hours or less. Photos during the flight and at landing are fairly easy to take. However the balloon unpacking and launching is best photographed on the launch field. If you wish to access the field during the launches, you must register with the Central Aroostook Chamber (207-764-6561) and attend the safety training exercise. The safety training is critical. There are several dangers including the propane burners, the high speed fans and many ropes. When all requirements are met, an admission bracelet will be issued that will allow you to enter the secure area.

COMBF Photographers with Available Photographs

Capture 27 Photography – Peter Freeman – http://www.capture27.com/

Bruce Steichen Photography – http://brucesteichen.zenfolio.com/




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