Crown of Maine Balloon Fest Planning Has Started

Planning is well under way for the 14th Annual COMBF.  There are ten confirmed balloonists planning to participate in the 2017 COMBF .  You can see who is coming on the pilots and balloons page.  Marcos Bonimcontro will be coming from Brazil to fly again this year.  He is building a new special balloon for the 2017 COMBF.  Plan to come and see this new specially made balloon for 2017.

The dates for this year’s COMBF is marked on the 2017 COMBF Calendar  which you can purchase at the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce Office.  Also you can buy a 2016 COMBF Pin for our pin collection.

You can stop and purchase them at the office or for an additional handling and shipping charge call in have them sent to you. (Contact information is at the bottom of this page.)   Stop by or give us a call to get calendars for you and your family members.

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