Passenger Flights

Want to experience the joy of flying in a hot air balloon?

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Hot air balloon flights will be available during the festival from certain commercial pilots.  The cost is  $200/person for both morning and evening flights.

A typical flight lasts from 45 minutes to just over an hour.  The decision to land is at the discretion of the pilot.  Morning flights tend to have a higher success rate and to last longer.

The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce handles the scheduling of all passenger flights beginning the first of August.  Contact the Chamber to learn more or reserve your flight (207) 764-6561!

Hot air balloons flights are highly weather dependent.  If the conditions are rainy, have poor visibility (under a mile) or high wind speeds (Over 5 mph) then the flight is unlikely to go ahead.  COMBF will attempt to reschedule a cancelled flight but because most all flights are full the chance of rescheduling will be challenging.  A few pilots do stay in the Presque Isle for one to two weeks after the festival and there is a good chance a flight can be arranged to replace the missed flight.

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